Dota 2: Arteezy - Carry a Tilted and Feeding Team | Don't feed for 7 Minutes I will Carry this Game

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Arteezy if forced to play offlane Windranger, as one of this team mate decided to first pick Morphling. Arteezy's tilted from the start of the game, as he intended to play support over Windranger. The enemy Enchantree was able to enchant a Satyr creep, which made the lane impossible to lane in. Arteezy feeds a bunch of times, but his team was able to win crucial team fights. However, as the game went on, the enemy Anti-Mage was able to farm up enough to completely dismantle Arteezy and his team.

Unsatisfied with his previous game, Arteezy picks Anti-Mage and shows us how it's done. His team is feeding around the map, but Arteezy assures them that he will carry them within the next 7 minutes, if they kept the feeding to a minimum. Arteezy's a man of his word, and finishes the game with a flawless score.

Third game Arteezy plays Medusa to check out the patch changes. He likes the new Mystic Snake because it felt 'satisfying'. The enemy Treant tilts and begins to intentionally throw the game. Free mmr for Arteezy.

For the final game of this video/Arteezy's stream, Arteezy picks Faceless Void. Fatigue is setting in for Arteezy, as he dies a couple of times where he could arguably have lived. Nevertheless, he played a really clean Void game, with multiple multi-hero Chronos.

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00:00 - 12:34 - Sad Ranger
12:35 - 13:39 - Post Game Analysis
13:40 - 19:03 - I have finished Farming
19:04 - 23:07 - Free Medusa Game
23:08 - 27:27 - Hilarious Story
27:28 - 37:56 - Bashful Void

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