Let's Play: Civ 6 - Inca (Deity) - Majestic Mountains - Part 15 - Civilization 6: Gathering Storm

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Let's Play: Civ 6 - Inca (Deity) - Majestic Mountains - Civilization 6: Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm Expansion is here!

Welcome to our third Civ 6 Let's Play for 2020! We will be playing on Deity as Inca on a Standard Speed/Standard Size, Continents map.

This is the first time that I have played as the Inca. The Inca will thrive in the mountain regions of the map. They will play in a similar way to their Civ 5 counterparts and even have an updated version of the Terrace Farm. This civilization was made to be isolationist and even get pretty major bonuses when they only trade with themselves.


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